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The Florida Surplus Asset Fund Trust (FL SAFE) is an intergovernmental cooperative investment trust created in 2007 by Florida local governments seeking to enhance their investment safety, liquidity, transparency and yield through the benefits of scale in pooling investments and financial services.

Rates and Performance

Rates and Performance as of 09/21/2023

Daily Rate 5.505 -
7-Day Average Rate 5.507 -
7-Day Effective Rate 5.659 -
Net Market Yield - 5.240
1-Year Net Total Return 109.605 3.530




*Daily Rate: Refers to income generated over the previous one day period; the income is then annualized.
*7-Day Average Rate: Refers to income generated over the previous seven day period; the income is then annualized.
*7-Day Effective Rate: Calculated in the same manner but assumes reinvestment of income over the seven day period. Due to compounding, the 7-Day Effective Rate will be slightly higher than the 7-Day Average Rate.
*Net Market Yield: The yield-to-worst after deducting portfolio expenses. Sources: Bloomberg, PMA Financial Network, LLC and PMA Asset Management, LLC
*1-Year Net Total Return: The actual rate of return over the past year after deducting portfolio expenses.

Investment Options

Service Programs

Learn more about the service programs offered through FL SAFE, including Cash Flow Management, Bond Proceeds Management and Fixed Income Investing.

Investment Programs

FL SAFE offers a variety of investing options, including Stable Net Asset Value (SNAV), Variable Net Asset Value (VNAV), and Term Series programs.

Current News


FL SAFE will be closed September 4, 2023 for Labor Day. Closed to transactions and Participant inquiries.


PMA Asset Management Market Update

Higher For Longer

The yield on the 10-Year US Treasury rose in August to its highest level since 2007. The month saw real yields rise even more and are now at the highest level since 2009.


Event Calendar

The next FL SAFE board meeting will be held on Thursday, October 26th, 2023 via video conference.

How To Join

Learn more about how to become a FL SAFE Participant.

Knowledge Center

Browse the library of FL SAFE documents, articles and more.